How to play

Control, you are a circle with some sort of hat. You are always holding some kind of weapon. is a mouse - pointer game, so wherever your mouse goes, your player follows. You can do a short dash the Right-Click on the mouse. If you hold it down it will continue to repeated short dashes. Pressing the Left-Click will make your player swing their weapon. It will always swing in a 180 degrees semicircle. The game, not all that difficult to control, so you should be able to get the hang of it pretty quickly.

  • Move - Mouse
  • Swing - Left-Click
  • Dash - Right Click/Space Bar

The controls as shown in-game


XP (experience), is the component that allows you to level up. It can be obtained by either of the two following ways:

  • XP orbs, (also known as food), are obtained by killing monsters. The number of orbs dropped is different between the different monsters. They come in four different colors being: red, yellow, blue, and green. Orbs are generally more helpful in the early levels.
  • Killing other players is the other way to earn XP. Killing other players is often a much faster way to level up, due to the fact that players hold tons more XP than XP orbs. This is really the only way to level up quicker when you reach higher levels, simply because XP orbs do not give you enough XP anymore.

    Green XP orb


    Yellow XP orb


    Red XP orb


    Blue XP orb


Your Sword is the object that sticks out of the side of your player. Swords get longer as you progress through the game, thus making it possible to defeat more opponents. To use your sword, simply click the left mouse button. Swords look different between each evolution. To see what different kinds of swords there are, go to the Evolutions page.


There are 2 different obstacles in These include Rocks and Ponds. They are different colors depending on the biome. Obstacles vary in size, as some are larger than others.

Rocks: Rocks come in many different colors. They are widespread throughout the map. Rocks always have a black border around them: which means that you cannot go on top of them. However, if you spawn and you have a shield, you may go on the rocks.

Ponds: There are 5 different colors of ponds in Ponds allow more free movement. They make you turn quicker, and you go slightly faster than you would if you were on the normal ground.

Safe Zones

There are 5 safe zones on the map. They are marked as an orange dot on the minimap. There is always one safe zone in each biome. The safe zones allow a player to be protected from other players, because you cannot swing your sword in a safe zone.

Game Modes

There are 2 different game modes in

Food Chain

Food chain is a mode where the higher players dominate the game. Essentially, the higher you are, the more levels you can kill. Example: If you were a level 3 Barbarian, you can kill level 2 Knights and level 1 Nymphs. If you were a level 18 Berzerker, you can kill all levels 1-17. You cannot kill players higher than you.


PVP is a mode in which everybody can kill everybody. If you hit someone, then they are dead. If they hit you, then you are dead. It is still an advantage to have a longer sword though, because it makes it easier to win fights.


Talking is a feature that enables a player to communicate with another player. You can talk by pressing the ENTER key, and then typing whatever. People generally talk while they are in a safe zone, because then they can talk without worrying about being killed all the time. There is a limit on how much you can type.


Knockback is the mechanic that makes you rebound off of another player when you clash swords. When 2 players swing at each other at the same time, they bounce off away from each other. This is effective if a player is chasing you. You can turn around, swing at them when they swing at you, and then you both get knocked back, thus putting a large gap in between you.

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