Biomes are the different areas found throughout the map. They are all a different color and house different obstacles and monsters.The different Biomes are shown Here:

Map 2

Boundaries of the different biomes

Desert Edit

The desert biome is the largest, and most spread out biome. It stretches from east to west, and north to south. It stops at the edge of each other biome. All Monsters can go in the Desert.


The Desert Biome is highlighted Tan

Dark Edit

The Dark biome is on the bottom-right corner of the map. It is dark purple and is the home to Bats and Scorpions.

The Dark Biome is highlighted Purple

Lava Edit

The Lava biome is on the bottom-left corner of the map. It is dark red and is the home to Dragons.

The Lava Biome is highlighted Red

Jungle Edit

The Jungle biome is on the top-left corner of the map. It is dark green and the home to Elephants and Gorillas.

The Jungle Biome is highlighted Green

Water Edit


The Water Biome is highlighted Blue

The Water biome is on the top-right corner of the map. It is light blue and is the home to blue lizards and squid.


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