yes i've already clicked on "contact us" but nobody replied. Maybe I'll have better luck here...

I'd like to tell you about my opinion on There are a few things you might want to change/fix in order to make your game a lot better. I don't play a lot in food chain mode, so I can only say something about PVP:

1. camping in safe areas

Sometimes a really lucky low-level player with little playing experience kills the #1 player. I most of such cases the new #1 runs to the closest safe area and stays inside for up to HALF AN HOUR without giving the previous #1 to retrieve his score. This can be really frustrating. To fix this you could either remove the safe areas entirely or automatically pause the game of a player who stays in safe area for more than 5 mins.

Note: fixing this would allow new players to become max level for short as well:

even good players often get killed by lucky newcomers due to the low render distance. Not having High-levlers camping in the safe areas for 30 mins would give them a greater chance to do that.

2. killing of players trying to leave the safe area

High level players often get followed by low levelers, and then killed when they're trying to leave the safe area. An easy fix would be to give players 3 more seconds of protection when leaving.

3. click delay

My number one cause of death is lag. And by lag I don't mean low fps or freezing screens but dying even tho I swung my sword first an had the longer one (at least that's what I see on MY screen...). Sometimes a little grave appears and I turn around to fight the next player, and suddenly I'm dead... Yes I'm on the closest server to my location, no my internet connection is not "bad" or anything.

4. swing in the wrong direction

If you're outside the safe areas an enemy might come at you from "behind". To kill him you turn around and do a left click. sometimes the swing particles appear in the direction you just turned away from! Now you can't left click anymore and die. This bug could be related to what I described as "click delay".

It's not the most important thing but I would be very happy if it gets fixed.

I know I'm just one player, but PLEASE consider fixing at least the safe areas. I know its not a big task to do that. Me and many others would be really happy because there is a lot of potential in this game :)